Lynx (alecsandyr) wrote in alpha_theta,

from Clair

*Note: it's this weekend.

---Forwarded message from Clair---
thanks to each of you that has taken so much time on
behalf of jordan and on behalf of me. at this point, i
have only limited access to email and so cannot reply to
each person individually as i would prefer to do. please
understand and help me spread the word to those who loved

the funeral arrangements have been made. the wake will be
held for him at the casey-mccallum-rice funeral home on
staten island (don't have more than that) on saturday [12/03] and
sunday [12/04] between the hours of 2-4pm and 7-9pm. the funeral
will be monday morning [12/05] at 10am at the great kills moravian

please, please come. jordan would love the opportunity to
say goodbye to each of you. and i would be grateful for
the company. bring pictures if you have them--not one of
us can ever know all the facets of jordan's incredible

in lieu of flowers, his mother asked that donations be
made to the great kills memorial fund or the ehlers-danlos
national foundation for their continued research on this
terrible disease.

i may not be able to check email before i leave for new
york. if need be, do call me...214 870 6371.

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