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Tuesday, May 19th, 2009
2:36 pm
Friday, May 18th, 2007
9:37 pm
Green Key WOOO!!!
No one posts on here anymore. So I'm going to. I don't have anything to say, though. So I'll just say WOOO GREEN KEY!!!

Current Mood: tired
Tuesday, April 25th, 2006
10:31 am
Amex Clip Contest! (by AO alum)
Please vote for this! Thanks.

1. because it's pretty funny, and a lot better than the other clips
2. so that poor student artists can win an iPod.
3. so that maybe, just maybe, this will confuse / piss off / disgust and delight Martin Scorsese and M. Night Shyaya-whatever, whom I don't care for anyway. They will be the final judges, and you know there's not much middle ground with these two. So yes! VOTE FOR IT!!

What it actually is: A clip made by my friends for the American Express 15 seconds my life my card contest. It is currently among the editor's top picks. It's about pirates!

Click here to view!

Thanks!!! And if you enjoy it, spread the word!

PS: The heading for this entry was used to describe the McGriddle Sandwich from McDonald's. Don't ask.
Tuesday, January 10th, 2006
10:14 pm
While it seems that this group is not the main place folks get news, two dates are worth being repetitive about. Saturday the 14th at 7:30 there is a memorial service for Jordan at Rollins. Saturday the 21st at 12 midnight (Sunday more technically) there is sink.

Anyone check here who does not already follow Fiuh, Local, etc.?
Thursday, December 1st, 2005
8:05 pm
from Clair
*Note: it's this weekend.

---Forwarded message from Clair---
thanks to each of you that has taken so much time on
behalf of jordan and on behalf of me. at this point, i
have only limited access to email and so cannot reply to
each person individually as i would prefer to do. please
understand and help me spread the word to those who loved

the funeral arrangements have been made. the wake will be
held for him at the casey-mccallum-rice funeral home on
staten island (don't have more than that) on saturday [12/03] and
sunday [12/04] between the hours of 2-4pm and 7-9pm. the funeral
will be monday morning [12/05] at 10am at the great kills moravian

please, please come. jordan would love the opportunity to
say goodbye to each of you. and i would be grateful for
the company. bring pictures if you have them--not one of
us can ever know all the facets of jordan's incredible

in lieu of flowers, his mother asked that donations be
made to the great kills memorial fund or the ehlers-danlos
national foundation for their continued research on this
terrible disease.

i may not be able to check email before i leave for new
york. if need be, do call me...214 870 6371.

Monday, November 7th, 2005
11:58 am
Cuddle's blog
Cuddles (the poor guy) posts on blogspot, not LiveJournal. So I've now created the deepblogrss LJ rss feed to keep track of when he updates. Just add it to your friends list, and you'll know when he posts instead of having to check on your own.

(From my past experience with creating RSS feeds on LJ, it will be several hours before the first update)

Current Mood: chipper
Tuesday, October 18th, 2005
3:36 pm
Alpha Theta in the D...

The D makes us sound good...

An article on co-ed rush.

Current Mood: yeah AO!
Monday, April 18th, 2005
9:07 pm
Sink Pictures!
Sink pictures are now up at my photobucket page under the sub-folder "AO Sink - Spring 05".

You do need the password, which I have posted here. I just don't want those pictures to be viewable by the entire intraweb.

Sorry for the crossposting!

Pics courtesy of ibid32. Enjoy!!!!
6:52 am

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005
2:31 pm
Just in case not everybody saw this, I thought it worthwhile to mention AO's nod on Something Positive on Monday. Check out the paragraph below the comic. :-)
Friday, February 11th, 2005
8:02 pm
alphatheta.dartmouth.edu is back up and running again, if anyone wants to take a look at it. At the moment, we're minus one photo album, but I'll see what I can do about getting that up and running again in the near future.

By the way, what is a good piece of software for doing that? I want to try to get PHP up and running first, but it would be good to know what I can use for the photo album.
Thursday, December 9th, 2004
2:41 am
Other Important Date!

Following doogly's lead!


The theme is Roaring 20s/Speakeasy 30s, and I will let people know more as more details come up!

Wednesday, December 8th, 2004
4:25 pm
Winter Sink
Winter sink is going to be January 22nd (the 23rd if you're picky).
Hooray for sink! Give a shoutout if you can come, cause it'll rock, as sinks are wont to do.
Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004
12:42 am
Fall Sink
Sink is going to be October 16th in the Fall, and it will be awesome. If you can come and grace us with the joys of wonderful alumni, dropping a note here would be a cool thing to do. Hope to see many folk there!
Wednesday, June 16th, 2004
5:57 pm
This week has been the saddest by far. The house just seems to be emptying. All these people keep dissapearing. COME BACK!!!!!!!!! COME BACK!!!!!!! I'll never let go '04's. I'll never let go!
Okay sorry that was uncalled for but I'm bored and still at work and hungry did I mention I was bored.
Anywho I just wanted to send some greetings to the thetians who have left and I'm too lazy to blitz each of you so I hope you guys have many good times out in the real world and don't die!

Current Mood: hungry
Saturday, June 5th, 2004
10:13 am
Senior Week
Who's going to be around? Any alumns coming up? Non-seniors staying??
Friday, June 4th, 2004
5:12 pm
And we're operational,
yet ugly, still. I'll try to change that when I get time.

Unfortunately, you have to be an LJ member to post to this. I think you just have to add this journal to your friends list (or whatever) in order to become a member (and I have to approve you).

So, yeah. Let's light this candle.
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